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About University of Western Ontario

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About University of Western Ontario Empty About University of Western Ontario

Post  SCho06 Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:34 am

University Website:

University Registrar Website:

Sorry everyone, I'm slacking off quite a bit, I'll put up something better than this very soon.

edit: I'm gonna be honest and throw this straight out there, there isn't much to say on the school unless you're really interested in coming to Western. Most students who would come from outside of the province would be aiming to get into IVEY (the business school) with early admission (this means that you'll start your Bachelor of Business Arts degree from 3rd year and on). Students who aim for early admission for IVEY starts out in the BMOS program, Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies. People who graduate from IVEY's undergrad program generally aim to get into IVEY as grad students. And within Canada, graduating from IVEY pretty much lands you a job at rate of 98%.

So feel free to ask away on anything relating to Western, and I guarentee those questions you'll have will concern IVEY.


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