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Post  stsuei06 Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:40 pm

Just a brief intro on behalf of Shad Valley.

Officially, it's a program for people who are entrepreneurs and leaders in their respective community. You learn to apply scientific principles and think about applying them to an actual product and carry the product to market. You make a business plan at the end of the summer camp and compete against others. The winner in each campus (13 in total I think) go into a final competition called RBC cup.

In reality, it's a month of solid joy. It might go longer than one month if you land an internship opportunity, but I never got the chance to intern. I remember we had a fuzzy chicken challenge at Shad Dalhousie. So Dalhousie's icon is a phoenix in a circle. What we had to do was make a cart with the materials provided, then launch the cart a certain distance away and try to have the cart stop in the middle of the phoenix(fuzzy chicken's) icon.

There's a talent show half way through and at the end of the summer camp as well. Some pretty amazing stuff.

I remember my room mate was an entrepreneur who made a business out of his guitar skills. It's a great chance to see some amazing people.


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